Racism Research Paper On Racism

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Racism Research Paper
Racism has a variety of factors that have affected the world in many ways. Many have suffered from being mentally abused, treated unequal and simply chastised because of the color of their skin. The way black people were viewed back then was that they were the dirt under a white man’s feet. Today things have changed for the better. Although African American still struggle with being treated unfairly it’s not nearly as bad as it was back in the 1900’s. These changes that have occurred allowed blacks to have some of the same opportunities as whites, such as voting, attending the same schools, or using the same water fountain. African Americans have fought day in and day out to get the rights that they so desperately deserve. Because of the negative attributes towards African Americans, there has been movements, riots and chaos to gain the rights they deserve. Racism is still a major factor today, but because of the people that contributed in many different movements, blacks are treated with more respect than if the movements would have never started. There has been a lot of negative and ignorant behaviors toward African
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They started riots and protest to be heard and fight for the fallen African Americans. They shot and killed many police officers who they despised because of the killings of their loved ones. There intentions weren’t to hurt anyone, but it turned out that way because of the cruel behavior. They were talking to a bunch of deaf ears, who didn’t want equality. The Black Lives Matter Movement was made to allow people the opportunity to speak up and see the constant brutality and to fight for what was right, but it made things worse because no justice was being

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