Racism : Racism And Racism Essay

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What do you think of when you hear racism the KKK or maybe the Nazis, but there are so much more difficult facets to the complex anomaly. Racism can be far more delicate and tricky, and many people of different races face this informal, everyday racism more often than we think. Racism occurs everywhere in politics, schools, at the park, on TV the list can go on forever. I’m mostly focusing on Racism in the United States and how this great nation’s has racism alive in all types of societies.

The KKK or the Ku Klux Klan is a white supremacist group notorious for the terrorism, murdering, and hanging of African American people. Most people believe that the KKK is no longer active and hasn 't done anything bad in years. Well, those people are very much wrong, the KKK commits acts of racism daily if they 're not protesting they are usually trying to recruit other people to join them in their horrendous activities. The reason they do these things is because they believed African Americans were purposely colored by god to let them stand out as inferiors to whites so that they could be used as laborers or some other type of peasant work. Although the KKK has not done anything insane in a while they still do protest about civil rights that African Americans have got over the years.

To be sure, this whole problem of racism had a more direct feature in the past. We did not have to alternate to complex surveys and tests to reveal its extent. There used to be something blaring and…

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