Racism : Racism And Racism Essay

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In today’s society which we call the United States of America there may be many predictions, speculations, and myths that have been thought of when it comes to our history. I have analyzed and did my own research on the history of racism. Racism is the belief of people of each race, who acts as if one is superior to another race. There are several prejudice practices practiced by racial individuals which discriminates against people of other race and due to their skin color. I watched four movies such as Birth of a Nation, Beloved, 13th, and Do the Right Thing which tells us where racism comes from, and how it is has changed over the years. I will argue that in each film there is a progression from the beginning of time up until today’s time where racism has changed for the better. The question is, how important is the history of racism? Does it still exist in the society today that we live in? It’s very important to understand race, the history of slavery, and where it all started from.
I began my research from the four great movies that I found which they work together very well and gives an insight on the history of racism, and how racism began. Each film goes down the time line from the early 18th and even in today’s society. They really show exactly how important our history plays a significant role in many lives. Throughout all of the films there is a since of progression throughout history that racism is yet still alive. It seems that over a period of time that…

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