Essay about Racism : Our Generation 's Silent Injustice

1495 Words Nov 6th, 2016 6 Pages
We can all relate to the struggle with waking up in the morning for school or writing persuasive speeches. But can you relate to the struggle of attaining employment due to the colour of your skin; the fear that grips you in public since you wear a hijab, or to be systematically oppressed by the foremost laws that promised to protect you against racial prejudice. Racism is a struggle, particularly when friends, co-workers and our self-acclaimed ‘multicultural’ society cowers into a state of blindness since to acknowledge racism is “uncomfortable”. Racism: a problem that is rendered as invisible today, whilst depriving the youth of opportunities, creating anxiety and depression. Racism: our generation’s silent injustice.
Today, an ideology exists that to be anti-racism is to be colour-blind. While being colour-blind ignores the concept of race, our generation is also ignoring the problems of indirect racism that is consequently destroying our lives, our diversity and our future. We, as a generation, are choosing racism to happen through silence.

Colour-blindness is poisoning our society. Undoubtedly, there is an institutionalised racism entrenched in our politics and social institutions that either deliberately or indirectly curtails the freedom of people. From decades of explicit racism, we have reached the point where racism is subtle. Consequently, we fail to recognise the racism that occurs for every 1 in 6 people (Mitchell, 2014). Imagine, that is at least 4 of you in…

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