Essay about Racism Is Still A Big Problem

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For as long as mankind has been recording history, this Earth has been filled with intolerant and racist people. For someone reason people have always treated people that are different than themselves in a negative way. It’s impossible to count how many people have suffered due to the mistreatment of people that can’t comprehend change or how people are all different. Of course many people know back than if you didn’t have blue eyes or blonde hair were considered inferior, lower than trash even not human. Many people think that racism doesn’t exist because we have so many different races doing complex things and other high paying jobs. People now have thrown racism under the rug but racism is still a big ‘problem’, Racism has become a complex subject so you can’t consider it just a ‘problem’.

Cornel West remains an African American scholar, who beforehand worked at Harvard University, at the present he works at Princeton in place of a instructor. West states at the beginning of his overview that "What happened in Los Angeles in April of 1992 was neither a race riot nor a class rebellion. Rather, this monumental upheaval was a multiracial, trans-class, and largely male display of justified social rage", what West is saying is that people that took part of the riots were not only African American as well as different age groups. Many people found this incident outrages and disrespectful and decided to protest together. Than West goes on to state that "What we witnessed in…

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