Racism In Why We Can T Wait

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The question that is posed today is, does racism exist still? When it comes to race there is no definite way to really say that it does exist. America, has grown into a society that disguise their hate for others behind a smile. Every so often, Americans will forget the hardship that many endured to obtain their civil right and they will let their hate seep from their lip out of anger “damn nigger.” How can ones anger allow you to belittle another? Self-exposure of fear is the reason why the Anglo race are much receptive to mentally crippling other races as a method to keep them behind them. If a superior race, like Caucasians can strategize a successful method that will cause another group of individuals to feel inferior to the next, …show more content…
One of the things that the audience learn is although there was massive hardship against blacks during 1963, they refuse to sit back any longer and allow nothing to happen. Change is not said to be an easy journey, and success is not created overnight, it takes frustration, pain, and courage to stand tall towards those who oppresses you. When Dr. King Jr., along with many of his supporters were jailed in Birmingham, AL, he did not allow this disruption of his path to stop him. He simply focused on his purpose in Birmingham, Dr. King Jr. knew that this journey was going to be a struggle, but it was necessary to displace our angers to achieve our greatest success. To conclude, racism is a deep rooted internal problem that reside deep in the south due to their past historical relationship with it. The Feminine Mystique, by Betty Friedan was a wonder text does not support the racial separation of American society today as Why We Can’t Wait does. Dr. King’s benevolent demeanor throughout the violence that he and his supporters were encountering from dogs and fire hoses, beyond the physical clash. The idea that racism does not exist is a thought that many would like to believe, but if we pay attention to our surrounding we will notice that the white man racist ideology has transferred to other culture who to deem blacks inferior. It is important that we as a group of black people do not sit back and allow injustice continue to occur, because once we allow the government and those persecuting blacks to get away with injustice they will feel they can always do it. Change starts today, it is done when you decide it is time for a

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