The Struggle In Mother To Son By Langston Hughes

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“Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes, depicts a mothers advising her young son of the hard road that awaits him in life. This poem was written during the Harlem renascence period- A period in history spanning from 1918-1930 better known as the New Negro Movement. Due to the movement, a large migration of African Americans helped spread the African American culture throughout the northeastern United States, Harlem being the largest area influenced at the time. During this era, there was still a great divide between ethnicities. The poem “Mother to Son” symbolizes the hardship that all people of color had to face during the early 1900’s, the determination that It takes to overcome such life struggles, and the type of encouraging words that may be needed to motivate someone who has lost hope.
Not being too far removed from slavery and racism still prevalent in America in the 1920’s, this did not vote well for African Americans. Many were serving proudly to defend our great nation on foreign lands only to come back home and be treated as an outsider. The poem speaks on the hardship of growing up as an
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Having to deal with racism, inequality, and poverty, African Americans had to fight both physically and metaphorically daily for survival. The mother’s determination reflected that of all African Americans all across the United States at the time, and her encouraging words to her son speaks volumes to the kind of motivation that people who may have lost their way might have needed from time to time. All and all, this poem delivers a great message from a mother to her young son, this message of both determination and inspiration would could easily be heard at many Negro tables as a way to motivate their children. But then again, this is just my interpretation of the poem, what’s

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