Stereotypes Of Black Women Essay

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There has been a continuous epidemic, in which African American females are no longer seen as “good enough”. Little black girls are unhappy with the color of their skin. Black teenage girls are ashamed or asked to tame their beautiful natural hair. Why is it that black women are always the individuals getting picked on? Why is it that black women find it so hard to feel comfortable with all of the features that we are blessed with. Why are black women looked down upon when every race has it’s share of undesirable features in women? The real question is, who did this to us?

The term “Internalized Racism”, has everything to do with the world 's perception of black women. The term is described as “ a society where racial prejudice thrives in politics, communities and popular culture. It’s difficult for racial minorities to avoid absorbing the racist messages that constantly bombard them. Thus, even people of color sometimes adopt a white supremacist mindset that results in self-hatred and hatred of
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Every child should be taught this. However that is not the message. Society and the world around us has exposed us to so many stereotypes that we do not know which are right and which are wrong. The fact that children are being exposed to these ways of thinking is extremely heartbreaking. I remember hearing on the news about a young African American girl who was turning 10 years old and another little girl who was white sent her RSVP saying that she would not be able to attend her sleepover because her dad would not let her come, being that the party was for a black girl. I was shocked and disgusted that a parent would tell their child something as sickening as that. As a world we should try to change the perspectives of not only African American women, but every individual of every race, because it goes so much further than

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