Racism, Hate And Inequality Essay

725 Words Dec 10th, 2015 3 Pages
I had a deep emotional reaction to this film. It was shocking, heartbreaking and seemingly unreal all at the same time. I had a lot of difficulty reminding myself that this is not a movie but that shootings like this have happened and continue to happen often. The fact that even after the blatantly obvious wrong that occurred, the decision from the jury and the feelings of viewers was not unanimous scares me. I kept thinking, How could anybody see this man as innocent? How could his actions be justifiable? But then again, as we have learned all year, 21st century America is still filled with racism, hate and inequality. The most shocking part of the film to me, besides the actual occurrence of the crime, was the lawyer 's statement that “this is not about race.” It reminded me of the ignorant examples we studied earlier in the year of a man without a sociological imagination. If someone has no idea that there is a recession and they lost their job, their justification will be must less accurate than the same man with a sociological imagination to realize the external factors affecting his life. The same goes for this shooting. Without any knowledge of the current presence of racism of society, the case of Jordan Davis’ shooting will be viewed through a blurred lense. The lawyer and viewers who purposely chose to ignore the external social factors of racism and black stereotypes that inadvertently affected Jordan’s death discounts important information from the case.…

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