Essay on Racism, Discrimination, And Discrimination

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While reflecting on my original submission of my thoughts answers regarding racism, and employing some of the conversations and things we have learned, I find myself more aware and yet more confused. I am able to recognize that just because I say I am not racist, does not mean that racism isn 't widely spread or has gone away. Prior to now, I falsely assumed that in a multicultural world such as ours, racism was isolated acts of evil that only unkind people engaged in. In truth, racism hasn’t been abolished, it has merely been keenly disguised. In the video, White Privilege, Racism, White Denial, and the Cost of Inequality, presenter Tim Wise spoke about when we hear we are taking a class on gender, we automatically assume women, and when we say race, we assume people of color. Society has marginalized specific groups of people and while I may not believe that I personally or consciously agree with this systemic and societal marginalization, it is there unconsciously, inside of me, just as Time Wise had described. So, am I racists? Do I condone racism? Have I manipulated my whiteness and privilege in a way that really reflects my ignorance?
With regard to the White Racial Identity Development Model created by Helms, I am ashamed to say that I believe when this class began, I was rooted in the Contact status/stage. One of my very first thoughts when during the first session, and really throughout my life was, “everyone is human, and their race doesn’t matter”. My…

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