The Benefits Of White Privilege In The White Community

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What is a privilege? Privilege is defined as “a right, immunity, or benefit enjoyed only by a person beyond the advantages of most” ( Privilege is different for everyone, and how an ethnic group chooses to see or act upon a certain privilege. White privilege in particular, is all around us; people who choose not to see it or are unmindful of its presents seem to be living in denial. Others in the white community feel that being white is not a privilege but a disadvantage, they feel that other ethnic groups are actually the more privileged group. The white community often takes everyday life experiences for granted, experiences that other ethnic groups only hope for.

White Privilege is “defined in relation to a group
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White privilege started with them, our ancestors who had the mind set that they were better than another ethnic group, this was passed down from generation to generation and now the burden now rest on us. White privilege is a struggle that will continue to go on because many people feel that they are due this privilege and do not want to accept that society needs to change. American society, the economic system seems to have a hand in white privilege, leading white society to believe that they have the ability to do anything that they set their minds to. Our country “whose founding is cases in an ideology of the inherent superiority of white Europeans over non-white, an ideology that was used to justify the crimes against indigenous people and Africans that created the nation” (Rothenberg 127). Capitalism is a right that should be available to everyone not just the wealthy white entrepreneurs, who feel that it is their privilege and something that their skin color earned them, “It is a society in which white people occupy most of the top positions in powerful institutions, with similar privileges available in limited ways to non-white people who fit themselves into white society” (Rothenberg 127). White privilege is a complicated situation, many classifications are involved in determining who is granted these privileges and in particular groups throughout the white society you can gain or lose these privileges. This is when a “white-supremacist society comes into play, all white people have some sort of privilege in some settings” (Rothenberg 129). Benefiting from white privilege means that you will never have society telling you to get over your ancestors past of being enslaved or being driven off land that was rightly theirs. Non-white ethnic groups strive for equality and privileges that white

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