Racism : Black And White Race Essay

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Racism has been a major issue in the United States for hundreds of years, it has not gone away at all, and has merely changed its clothing. While some people claim that with the end of segregation, racism is still an issue that needs to be solved. It is crucial to know that just because Black and White people are allowed to be in the same environment, it does not mean that there is absolutely no judgment based on race. Today 's society is known to be “color-blinded” meaning, they do not differentiate between Black and White races. However, people still label and others based on something as insignificant as skin color. In fact, pretending to be colorblind is one of the ways that society is being forced to stagnate, and it prevents America from moving on from the negative environments that has perpetuated because of racism. Admitting to having a problem is the first step to recovery and although many people state America as “post-racial”, the roots of racism are still present in the forms of socioeconomic and institutionalized racism.
Jim Crow Laws that segregated Blacks and Whites, while also keeping Black people from succeeding, are the predecessors of a form of racism that still exists today, socioeconomic racism. Socioeconomic racism includes the placement of low-income people and minorities in dangerous environments such as areas with high crimes, toxic wastes, etc. Even in cases where a Black and White family earns the same income, the Black family is more likely to be…

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