Essay on Racism As The Foundation Of The Social Contract

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“The Racial Contract” depicts Charles Mills’ radical perspective on racism as the foundation of the social contract. The core of Locke’s political thought is exposed, heavily linked to domination and exploitation. Racial roots of the social contract evoke global division and the existence of full/sub-persons. Mills rejects and challenges Locke’s conventional contract theory by acknowledging racism as the linchpin of the social contract, rather than an unintended consequence of imperfect man. His critique recognizes covert power roots of racism within the political system that, formally and informally dictate socioeconomic privileges. Historical events depict a continued nature of exploitation as Mills utilizes the racial contract to place racial formation within the context of a world system as the foundational structure of society. The underpinnings he points out in Locke’s deviation of contract theory reveal invisible racial motives. His nuanced point of view allows Mills to challenge past philosophers like Locke, who fail to conceptualize white supremacy and racism as a political system. Mills forces the re-evaluation of contract theory and characteristics that have continued. He claims, “the racial contract is a historical actuality,” (19), with evidence revealing a plethora of exploitation in a continuing white supremacist state. The racial contract investigates the paradoxical foundations of Locke where nonwhite tacit consent to white privileges inhibit natural and…

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