Racism And The Black People Face : I Will Never Experience It For Myself

777 Words Jan 24th, 2016 4 Pages
While I can be told of the prejudices black people face, I will never experience it for myself. People can dislike or hate me because of my skin color, but my life is not in danger because of it. If anything, I am more in danger due to my gender, as the society we live in is more favorable to men than women. Even though my personal experiences are not as dangerous as others, I still understand and realize the smaller instances of sexism that lead to far more consequential outcomes. I am safe because I am white; I am lesser because I am a woman.
In the May of my senior year of high school, my graduating class took a trip to Denver, Colorado. We walked into a restaurant for dinner only to have all eyes on us as we entered and headed straight to bathrooms. It was something I had worried might have been because of how were dressed, but once our group of girls had a chance to talk I realized why; my class was majority black, and the patrons there were all white. An action like that is small, and hardly life threatening, but it spoke volumes to me that day. I grew up approximately thirty minutes outside of Atlanta, Georgia, in Douglas County. Like many surrounding counties, whites are in the minority. Because of this, I had never been bothered or believed by the racial stereotypes and fears that some people even my age have against African-Americans. Most of them were my friends who had never shied away from telling me their experiences and how they felt, and so I never…

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