Racism And Oppression And Racism Essay

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After watching my recording, I feel at the time of the recording my knowledge about racism and oppression was very limited. During this course I now know I have learned a lot of racism. It’s dynamics, as well as, how it plays out in society and how it affects me. After listening to my week 2 recording I was disappointed in myself. I sound very uniformed and misguided. Yet, I sound confident in my responses. I was surprised at how little knowledge I possessed about the dynamics of racism and oppression. I was so focused on Black versus White in racism and oppression I forgot about ALL people of color. If I conducted the self interview now I would change all response in the recording. As I listened to my words I felt a sense of unawareness. Unawareness to what racism and oppression really is. Listening to the recording I felt there was a lot I needed to learn about racism and oppression. Thank you to this course I have gained more knowledge on the topic of racism and its dynamics.
During this course we have studied D. W. Sue and Sues’ RCID (Racial/Cultural Identity Development Model). RCID is a elaboration of Atkinson, Morten, and Sue’s MID (Minority Identity Development Model) which, according to D. W. Sue is a “five stage model to attempt to pull out common features that cut across the population-specific proposals” (Sue 92). Stage one is Conformity, stage two is Dissonance and appreciating, stage three Resistance and immersion, stage four Introspection, and…

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