Racism And Discrimination Of African Americans Essay

1523 Words Mar 31st, 2015 7 Pages
Sara Mohip April 1, 2015
ALS 100 Rough Draft

Despite the belief that racism has disappeared in this day and age, African Americans are still subject to racism and discrimination today because of stigmas created a long time ago. African Americans face a reality that many others in this country do not. They are subject to discrimination in the work force, socially, and politically. The legacy of slavery and its effects, such as lack of property and voting, still follows African Americans in many aspects, especially regarding racial profiling and incarceration rates. The oppression and intolerance for African Americans of today is stemmed from past slavery and its consequences. In order to have a full understanding of today’s racism, one must look to the past. There were many laws created to prevent black men and women, especially men, from being able to vote, own property, or even have the god given right to be a free man. African American slaves were not only given restrictions of their rights, but also their behavior. Many slaves were not allowed to talk to their owner’s unless spoken to, nor could they make direct eye contact. The life of a slave was especially difficult because they lacked the freedom that every human being desires. They lived in fear of getting maimed of killed if they did something wrong or if they were caught trying to escape to a free state. Soon black codes were created to keep slaves exactly where they were without any freedom…

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