Racial Tensions Between Muslims And The American People Essay

1419 Words Dec 9th, 2015 null Page
In society today, racial tension is a massive issue that we face as Americans. It consumes many of the complications that the media discusses. Some may say that the media adds to this racial tension. Nevertheless, people today are the victims and the culprits of this racial tension. The article that I will be discussing in this essay is about the racial tensions between Muslims and the American people, and how the terror group ISIS is raising these racial tensions. The article talks about how Muslims who live in the United States are treated differently than other people. It adds that the treatment has gotten even worse with the addition of the terror group ISIS into the world. In this essay I will discuss how the article that I am referring to portrays the five concepts of stereotypes, ethnocentrism, scapegoating, cultural discrimination, and aversive racism.
The article that I found is titled “American Muslims Fight Stereotypes”. The title is very self-explanatory. This article first discusses how Muslims believe that Islamic extremist groups, such as ISIS, harm their reputation as a whole. One man who was interviewed for this article talks about how ISIS does not reflect who true Muslims really are. He also argues that the terror group has lead to a terrible misconception of Muslims and the religion of Islam. The article includes pieces from a survey that Muslim Americans took on how they are treated in the United States. The survey revealed how Muslims are singled out…

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