Racial Segregation And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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Throughout the entire history of the United States of America there has been injustices against African Americans. It started through the government with slavery, downgraded to convict leasing and chain gangs, then segregation, now there are institutionalized racial issues in housing, the prison system, and the criminal justice system. In addition to racial issues in the government, there has been (and still is) racist people because of stereotypes, internalized racism, and the demonization of people of color. The question now is: are we living in a “post- racial society”? Or has society stayed the same? America is not a “post- racial” society because ever since slavery became illegal a big goal of the government has been (and still is) to create equality and things are better; however, we can not get rid of all racism because there will always be racist people and physical racial differences.

Racial issues throughout the history of the United States of America stem from slavery. Slavery was directly connected to the federal government because, “The early American society was built on slave labor. The Capitol and the White House were built by slaves. President James K. Polk traded slaves from the Oval Office” (Coates). The government (which is a part of society) has always given African Americans a disadvantage; however, Racial issues in the government hundreds of years ago were not subtle and sneaky like they are today. Because then, there was slavery directly related…

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