Essay on Racial Profiling : Canada Today

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Racial Profiling in Canada Today

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. The Canadian Government and Racism

3. Increasing Diversification of Immigrants and its effects on Racism in Canada

4. The Question of Canada’s Multiculturalism Act

5. Conclusion

In the past, Canada was not known for its multiculturalism or seemingly racism-free ideals. Similar to the U.S., the United Kingdom, and several European nations, it held the belief of white supremacy. Examples of overt racism against visible minorities in Canada’s past include the introduction of the Chinese Head Tax, where only Chinese people entering Canada had to pay a fixed fee, and the St. Louis incident of 1939 when Canada turned away 907 Jewish refugees due to racist prejudices. Fortunately, Canada as it is today has developed a much more welcoming view of cultural diversification, and in doing so, has taken pride in being called a cultural mosaic. However, there are several critics arguing that racism is still prevalent in Canada today. While some people feel that the Canadian government has done its best to combat racism, others feel that racism is actually increasing in consistency due to its increasing diversification in immigrants. There are also some who question the effects Canada’s Multiculturalism policy has on racist attitudes and feelings in Canada.

I.) The Canadian government is doing its best in preventing racism in Canada. ORRRR The CAN gov’t has helped significantly/enough??…

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