Racial Profiling And Shooting At Unarmed Civilians Essay

2227 Words Nov 21st, 2016 9 Pages
One of the most controversial topics today is police-community relations. From racial profiling to shooting at unarmed civilians, to protests that endanger police. How can we make today’s community safer for both civilians and law enforcement? Some cities and towns communities have great relationships between both while others do not. The community should trust in law enforcement while in turn law enforcement should feel a mutual support. Every police department has their own way of having a relationship with the community. One of the factors that we have to look at is the makeup of the community. A police department in rural Bristol, New Hampshire may handle situations differently than places like Chicago, Illinois. In cities like Chicago, there’s going to be more resource for the police department to use since the police force will be much bigger. Talking to Sgt. Guarnieri about how Bristol Police Department interacts with the citizens they serve, he states that although “easier to achieve these results in a small town like Bristol...many of the residents know many of the officers here by first name. We try to be a presence at community held events and make ourselves available for events we might not know about.” He goes on to talk about how the BPD regularly attends community events (especially since they have a K-9 now) where police presence is known in a positive way. For instance, handing out bicycle helmets to students annually during the time where school gets out.…

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