Racial Profiling And Criminal Profiling Essay

1647 Words Oct 6th, 2015 null Page
Imagine that you are out at night driving a nice convertible and your feeling great because you have such a nice car. Then all the sudden you hear sirens and see flashing lights and it’s a police car right behind you. You then pull over because you know speeding off on the road would just make things worse. So after pulling over to the side of the road the police officer approaches you and start asking questions, for example, “where did you get this car”. Right then and there you know you didn’t do anything wrong and that this cop stopped you because of your race. This one example of discrimination is referred to as racial profiling and there are many others cases such as this one example. Racial profiling first originated from “criminal profiling” and “investigation profiling” and it can be defined as profiling based on race or ethnicity, (Tunstall). It is also referred to as racial stereotyping and as a result of high profiled incidents this has been a hot topic of concern for minority communities throughout Canada. In particular, the Aboriginal, African Canadian, Asian Canadian, and Arab-Canadian communities have been or are being impacted by racial profiling. Now some believe that racial profiling isn’t unjust and that it is a necessary method for law enforcement, (Cole). That racism and racial profiling are two different things, which racism is abhorrent and that racial profiling is necessary. However, that is incorrect and I will prove to you why that is the case. The…

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