Racial Inequality Of The United States Essay

830 Words Feb 9th, 2016 4 Pages
United States is a diverse nation, and its population’s composition is continually changing over the years. Immigration has increased and the American population naturally multiplies. Despite the obvious diversity, however, not all groups are treated or viewed equally (Schaefer, 2015). Schaefer (2015) explained, “ Throughout the United States today are counties and neighborhoods in which the majority of people are African American, Native American, or Hispanic, but White Americans are the dominate force.” He defined minority based on their lack of power over their own lives rather than as a numerical value. Because of this racial inequality, negative feelings are built up categorizing a whole group of people referred as prejudice. In order to express prejudice, ethnophaulisms, ethic slurs, are used to condescend a certain group of people. Prejudice is not only directed towards ethnic and racial groups, but it also targets gender, religion, age and even disabilities. In my own life, I have experienced privileges that I actually have not given much thought to. As a former foster child, I receive priority registration for college classes, and I receive financial help, as long as I have satisfactory academic progress. I also receive free bus passes, free printing at a foster system café, free parking permits, and among a couple of other services. Unfortunately, other excelling and well-deserving students may not receive the same perks as I do. However, I have also experienced…

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