Racial Inequality And African Americans Essay

1285 Words Dec 10th, 2014 6 Pages
Throughout America’s past, racial inequality has been a reoccurring theme in our society. Ever since the Europeans invaded America, the white man has been superior in terms of education, wealth, and lifetime success compared to all ethnicities. No more than two hundred years ago, African Americans were slaves and only counted as three fifths of a person. Within the past hundred years, African Americans have managed to obtain more equality in some situations, but in other cases racial inequality has become worse than it was when segregation took place. The gaps between the quality of education of white and black students receive appears to be growing instead of shrinking. The lack of quality education blacks receive has contributed to significant health differences between Caucasians and African Americans. Another prominent issue is the college completion difference between whites and blacks, which is growing larger every year. Those fortunate enough to graduate with a degree still face the challenge of receiving the appropriate payment. Caucasians with a college degree will make a substantial amount more than an African Americans with the same degree. This paper demonstrates how inadequate education can greatly affect a person’s future, as well as the idea that there are a lot of changes to be made to obtain true racial equality.


The idea that health has a direct correlation with the quality of education can be traced back to when segregation was prevalent in…

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