Essay on Racial Identity And Gender Identity

810 Words Dec 12th, 2016 4 Pages
Despite the most recent attention to gender identity, other identities besides cisgender have existed for a long time. It was not until recently that I and plenty others have really been exposed to other identities openly. Our society as a whole is becoming more accepting and open to throwing out the age-old thought of everyone being cisgender and narrowing the dozens of gender identities into only two. It is becoming increasingly imperative that as people move away from the binary gender thought and towards a more open way of thinking, that they are educated and hear the stories of gender identity that so many in this world have. To share in brief, the following is my story with gender identity.
My history with gender identity has unfortunately been a recent one. I always knew there were something more to gender identity than just the basic binary and cisgender idea that was drilled into my head by teachers and parents. Living under an environment that simply thought a male as a male and a woman as a woman greatly limited any opportunity to learn about gender identity extending past binary. When I was little, I remember my brother and I putting on our sister’s princess dresses and people laughing at the thought of two boys wearing princess dresses. I was confused by the reaction that displayed humor with a hint of hostility for doing such a small thing. I remember countless times of being told certain toys and clothes were for girls and certain toys and clothes were for…

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