Racial Discrimination : Racism And Stereotyping On Campus : Experiences Of African American Male Student Athletes

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Individuals are negatively affected by racial discrimination. For example, colored people could mentally endure the effect that racism has a toll on them. The results of racial discrimination could be identified through people who have experienced racism. An example that shows the negative outcomes of racial discrimination is displayed throughout the story of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Other example text that demonstrate the negative outcomes are "Racism and Stereotyping on Campus: Experiences of African American Male Student-Athletes." and "What Is Racism?" Lee described one of the characters, Tom Robinson, how he is a victim of racial discrimination along with his negative experiences. Robinson experiences racial discrimination and shows the negative accustoms that are included with it. Overall, based on the analysis of To Kill a Mockingbird and the non-fictional articles included, the negative effects of racial discrimination include divisiveness and superiority over another race. One negative effect of racial discrimination is that it creates divisiveness. Racial segregation is one of the elements of racial discrimination. This happened during Tom Robinson’s trial, where the people of the courtroom are separated into specific ethnicities thus creating racial segregation. It describes, “The Negroes, having waited for the white people to go upstairs, began to come in. ‘Whoa now, just a minute,’ said a club member, holding up his walking stick. ‘Just don’t…

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