Essay on Race Relations : A Great Impact When It Just Landed

1100 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
Kendrick Lamar was all aware that To Pimp a Butterfly was to make a great impact when it just landed. Before the landing of the album Lamar was already out talking about how the album was going to be incorporated into college education in future. Lamar was actually factual since all the songs that are contained in the album have a complex appearance in the personal and political rims of racism relations. The tracks are dense, historically and academically informed, and they have rejuvenated one great debate about race relations: structuralism versus culturalism.
Lamar in his album acts against the form of structural racism existing in the United States while concurrently insisting that black culture itself parenthetically preserves racial inequality in the state. Lamar faced controversy early in the year in January because of his believe regarding the culture of the blacks as somewhat at fault for the state’s current racial conflicts. He was quoted by Billboard when he was talking about the recent high-profile occurrences of race-stirred police brutality. Lamar wants everybody to understand and accept that it is already a situation, and that the incidence that Michael Brown faced should have never happened. Lamar therefore in his thinking calls for respect to the blacks within themselves first before demanding national respect. He believes that change should be allowed to start from personal.
Lamar’s comment finds some similarity with a historical racism theory that is…

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