Essay on Race Is A Social Concept

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Omi and Winant ask us to consider the idea of race in a different light. They argue that race is a social concept. They argue that society tends to think of race as something fixed and objective or an ideological construct. They define race as, “Race is a concept that signifies and symbolizes social conflicts and interests by referring to different types of human bodies.” Race symbolizes social conflict. They point out that the concept of race is directly related to larger social conflicts of the time. Humans are divided in many different ways whither by hair color, eye color, or height all of which are not good ways to classify people. This means that the only differences between races are the same value as, say, my eye color being brown and someone else 's being blue. There is not biological basis for distinguishing humans along the lines of race. However, skin color is not any better than these other methods yet has been widely used and the classification carries . Yet we give it significance and it comes to symbolize far more than other traits, like height. They argue that race is a topic which will always be around. No matter what it will never truly “go away.” Therefore, we might should embrace it as a part of our culture instead of trying to pretend it doesn’t affect individuals everyday. This line of thinking guides Omi and Winant 's concept of racial formation. Racial formation theory is the process, resulting from the exchange between social structures and…

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