Race, Ethnicity, And Ethnicity Essay

1600 Words Dec 6th, 2016 7 Pages
Although an individual’s experiences may shape one’s positionality, it doesn’t determine positionality. My positionality does not necessarily align with the positionality stereotypes of those who identify in the same groups. My complex personal experiences and background all contribute to my positionality and how I view the world, but doesn’t definitively determine them. In this essay I will argue of all the factors that shape my positionality, the three that have impacted me and my positionality the most are my ethnicity and race, socioeconomic class in my community, and religious upbringing.
Often times, race and ethnicity is combined into one conforming definition, but they are separate aspects in the shaping of my positionality. Race is an indication of the heritage with which you were born. Racially, I’m Native American, and Caucasian. My mother is half Chickasaw and half European American, and my father’s parents immigrated from Italy. Ethnicity relates to the learned cultural behaviors celebrated throughout regions around the world. Ethnically, I identify as Native American. This isn’t because I favor my Native ancestry over my Italian and other European heritage. It’s the result of my location and availability to practice culture. Throughout my upbringing, I was exposed to the racial groups that I belong to, but the reason I primarily identify as a Native American is because of my residence in Oklahoma. Oklahoma is a state that celebrates Native culture and it is…

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