Race & Community Essay

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Final Project: Race and Your Community
Ebony Brown
March 11, 2012
Joanna Binsfeld

Final Project: Race and Your Community It is a beautiful sunny yet breezy afternoon as I sit on my patio and watch my children play on the swing and sliding board play-set in my perfectly landscaped backyard. I love watching them play in the safe comfort of our quiet neighborhood without a care in the world and I remember how blessed I am to offer this comfort to them. I can not help but be grateful that I am able to raise my children in a safe environment where their mixed background is accepted and not frowned upon. I think back to my own childhood and how I stood out and was immediately classified as different in the “hood” of South
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My father always stressed the importance of our African American background and history and my mother embedded in us her strong Hispanic roots as well. Family and togetherness was instilled in us at very young ages. My children already at the tender ages of four and two years old are having a very different experience growing up. They look like all of the children around them in our community of Winslow Township. One of the first things I noticed when I moved to this part of Jersey was that it was not uncommon to see interracial couples of all kinds. As well as other ethnic and religious groups as well. I have come to think of South Jersey as the melting pot of races from my home community to my workplace I believe I have every race, group, sexual orientation and religion covered.
The members of our community are the rainbow colors and creeds. We have people who look like us as well as many who look different like my very close friend who is also my children’s god mother Kimmie who is an Asian American of Japanese ethnicity. My children have the luxury of having parents who are probably the most open and racially diverse. In the six years I have lived in Winslow Township the leadership has had a slightly diverse mix of leadership. The leadership roles in the community are filled by mostly older African American

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