Race Cleansing Essay

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Dhruba R. Tripathee
Prof. Christian Hanns
ENG 096-KN2/1101
Race Cleansing in America
There is always a binary opposition to living beings’ existence. Binary opposition is the principle of contrast between two mutually exclusive terms: on/off, up/down, left/right, and strong/weak. To be born as an epileptic and to be labeled as feebleminded is not the child’s fault. Such a child has his/her own right to live on earth. Where there is birth, there is death no matter whether the person is rich or poor. Eugenics-the theory as well as the word (which means “wellborn”) -originated with Francis Galton, a cousin of Charles Darwin who is inspired by Darwin’s theory of natural selection. Eugenics movement started sterilization
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Readers easily can see that how those rich people had promoted a bloody business in the name of power and money upon poor and powerless people in a well-known country of human rights and freedom. America! The author Hebert J.Gans in his writing-the uses of poverty: The poor pay all also mentions the ideas, “Many economic activities that involve dirty work depend on the poor for their existence: restaurants, hospitals, parts of the garment industry, and “truck farming,” among others, could not persist in their present form without the poor” (2). Poor are the back bone of economic foundation of the nation.
All movements such as the Eugenics movement violated the human rights of the weak and poor people in America. Those people had believed in natural selection but strong men are controlling the life of the weaker. America is one of the well- known countries of freedom and human rights throughout the world, but people can see and analyze how the rich and powerful people had been corrupting the rights of the weak and the poor people in America. Quinn states, “Connecticut became the first of several states to forbid marriage by those “epileptic, imbecilic or feeble-minded,” but such laws proved hard to enforce. A far more feasible method of controlling reproduction by those deemed unfit was the development of surgical sterilization” (3). Still America welcomes immigrants from

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