Race And Gender : What Makes Up A Person? Essay

1587 Words Nov 1st, 2016 7 Pages
Self-Identity is the most basic thing a Human can have, yet it is complex and made from many parts. Identity in general is what makes up a person, how they act and how others act towards them. Race and gender are the two most important aspects of identity that impact the person and each other and it is important to understand these experiences.
Race is something a person does not have control over. A person’s race is given to them at birth and with that race comes situations that impact that person. Race is a group of people that have the same similarities or differences. That can be hair color, height weight but in society race is connected to different things. Like skin color, culture, and the background of that said group of people. Since race looks as this, a person that belongs to a racial group is impacted heavily. With race comes racism and stereotypes. A certain group might have a history set, good or bad, and so everyone in that race is looking at keeping in mind that history. Since the people in a race looks and act the same to an extent people just link that race too whatever characteristics set from what society says about the group. This can easily affect the people in the race because they might not be the same. They might not act the same as the others but unfortunately, since they are in that racial group that are looking at one of the others, till they prove they are not. This challenges the person because if they are no like the others in the group they…

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