Race And Gender For African American Women Essay

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The purpose of this study is to examine the intersectionality of race and gender for African American women working at predominately white institutions as faculty, staff, and/or administrators. Many Black women working in higher education often experience marginalization, social exclusion, and lack effective mentoring in academia. Using a theoretical approach, I will use the critical race theory and black feminist thought as the framework to explore the effects race and gender has on African American women professional careers in higher education. Throughout this research paper, the terms Black and African American are used interchangeably and PWI is an acronym for Predominately White Institution(s).

Critical Race Theory (CRT) began as a movement in the 1970s. This legal theory of race was created to study how race and racism plays a role in law and society (Parker & Lynn, 2002). Although it started as a movement, it is now a theoretical framework that is used when studying the intersection of law, race, and power. This theory is widely used when researchers study the experiences of Black women in academia (Lloyd-Jones, 2014). Critical race theory and Black feminist thought (BFT) (Collins, 1991), provides an understanding of intersectionality and is the framework as to why black women face structural inequities within academia. In higher education, especially at predominately white institutions, African American women are oppressed, undervalued and…

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