Race And Ethnicity The Past Couple Of Weeks Essay

1564 Words Feb 9th, 2016 7 Pages
Learning about race and ethnicity the past couple of weeks has been very eye opening for me. I am a middle class Caucasian girl who has never really had to deal with or even think about any of the things that affect many other people in American every day. As much as we want to believe that racism is dead and there is no discrimination anymore, that just isn’t true. I don’t really feel like I can even talk about race and ethnicity because I have always been in a very homogenous environment. There weren’t very many kids of other ethnicities or races in my school and that was basically the only place I interacted with other kids my age. We had a family that was from Thailand, a few black kids, and one boy that was from South Korea but other than that it was all white kids. I can name all of them by name because there were so few. We joked about race a lot of with them and thought nothing of it. I don’t think they were discriminated against by the kids at high school, if anything it made them more popular because they were different, but I also know that most of the kids came from families that had at least one white parent because they were adopted or were in mixed race marriages. Because I come from a place where different ethnicities are very rare, it became a fun thing to point out when we saw a person of color and kind of act surprised that they existed. I don’t know if that says more about the area I come from or myself. My sister served her mission in Malawi and…

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