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Rabindranath Tagore Rabindranath Tagore also known as Gurudev, was a renowned Bengali poet, playwright, novelist, visual artist, composer, educationist, social reformer, nationalist and business-manager. He contributed a lot to Bengali literature and music in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He was the first Asian Nobel Laureate who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913.

Tagore wrote several novels, short stories, songs, dance-dramas and essays on personal and political topics. To mention some of his well-known works are Gitanjali, Gora and Ghare Baire. He received worldwide appreciation for the use of colloquial language and naturalism in
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In 1901, Tagore combined the best of traditional Hindu education with Western ideals and founded Visva Bharati at Shantiniketan . In 1921, Tagore and agricultural economist Leonard Knight Elmhirst set up the Institute for Rural Reconstruction in Surul near Shantinekaton. Tagore compiled fifteen volumes of writings, including the prose-poems, Punashcha (1932), Shes Saptak (1935) and Patraput. He wrote dance dramas including Chitrangada (1914), Shyama (1939) and Chandalika (1938), and wrote the novels Dui Bon (1933), Malancha (1934) and Char Adhyay (1934). He even wrote Visva-Parichay, a collection of essays based on science.

Novels : Tagore wrote eight novels and four novellas, including Chaturanga, Shesher Kobita, Char Odhay and Noukadubi. His novel Ghare Baire dealt with Indian nationalism and the Swadeshi movement. Gora, another novel was based on casteism. One of his most famous novels was Chokher Bali.

Short Stories: The three-volume Galpaguchchha, a collection of eighty-four stories reflect Tagore's views on his surroundings. Some of his short stories reflect the simple life of rural people. His story Kabuliwala has touched the heart of the kids. Few of his other noted short stories are Haimanti, Strir Patro, Atithi and Darpoharan.

Poetry : Tagore's poetry included ballads sung by Baul folk singers. His Bhānusimha poems reflect the romance between Radha and Krishna. His

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