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RIP Speech
Good evening, my fellow Americans. As an immigrant, I can relate to many of you here. Most of our parents came here for the same reason, which is our hope that in America, they can build a better future for their children and themselves. Immigrating to the United States was an important and complex decision for my family. My parents had to decide to leave their comfortable life in India to completely new world in which we would have to start all over. I was eleven when I moved from India to the United Sates. The ride wasn’t as great as I thought it would bebecause I ended up getting lost at the Singapore airport. That was where my immigration journey began. It was then that I went from being a citizen of India to a naturalized citizen of the United States of America.
Imagine being one of those 65,000 high school students who are smart, well rounded and ready to take the next step to go to college. However, they are unable to go to college because they don’t have legal status. Imagine being punished for the actions of your own parents, which is the reason you are an undocumented immigrant. Imagine trying
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Obama has brought upon progressive change in our immigration policy since he first took office in 2008. He had made it clear that our immigration system as it stood was broken and was in need of being repaired, not only for illegal immigrants, but for legal immigrants as well. In November 2010, fees regarding the citizenship and immigration forms started to increase by three times the original cost when initially established. For instance, Form I-687 fee had increased by as much as $400 whose mere purpose was to increase benefits for the temporary residents. Due to this increase in fees, many people found it hard to reunite with family even through the legal way,

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