Quetzalcoatl Essay

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Quetzalcoatl One of the major deities of Aztec culture Quetzalcoatl acknowledged as the “feathered serpent” has influenced the historic and social evolution of Latin American culture as implied by various images depicting the Plumed Serpent god. Meanwhile, socio-historical analysis of Quetzalcoatl worship and culture reveals different symbolisms and ancient functions involved in the Aztecs’ practices toward the god. Historically, the legend of Quetzalcoatl has originated from the Teotihuacán culture of Olmec society around 300 B.C. by the time of rigid theological perspectives between Christianity and Paganism. According to Aztec legends, Quetzalcoatl was acknowledged as an earthly hero and acting ruler of …show more content…
Meanwhile, in different versions of the legend, Quetzalcoatl have been given several humanly attributes leading to the downfall of the god’s rulership. In Chichimecan version, Quetzalcoatl has fallen into alcohol seduction plotted by Tezcatlipoca making the latter commit incest with his sister. On the other hand, some scholarly versions suggest that Quetzalcoatl forced himself to deity position leading him into disgrace. In an effort to resolve the god’s guilt, Quetzalcoatl sets himself into fire with his ashes ascending into the heavens as the Morning Star or Lord of the Dawn. The latter name is relevant to the Christian figure Lucifer who has also received the similar aliases. According to the scholarly analysis of Fray Juan de Torquemada and various scholars, Quetzalcoatl has been regarded as a demon worshiped by selected Indian tribes. Contrary to the latter statements, the pre-Toltec culture has been falsely exaggerated by earlier archeological investigations enforcing its practices cultic practices. According to the sculptural representations and ethno historic background of Quetzalcoatl cult, the god is regarded as the symbol of peace and light governing the aspects of learning, advancement, and creation. Regardless of the differences in representations of Quetzalcoatl, symbolisms, and function of the god have great influenced the history and society of

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