Questions On The Lord 's Supper Essay

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In this paper, the writer will express thoughts on the Lord 's Supper and how frequently the Lord 's Supper should be celebrated and why with theological and biblically support to validate the concepts. The writer will also give a point of view on Zwinglian 's thoughts of the Spiritual Presence. This paper will conclude with approaches used to celebrate the Lord 's Supper.
The Lord 's Supper according to the writer allows the congregation as well as the leaders to reflect on why standing, sitting, praying kneeling/standing, and having a relationship with Jesus is why breath is inhaled and exhaled from the lungs. The Lord 's Supper is a moment to reflect on real love. During worship, this part of service is where everyone appears to be on one accord because this is the most sacred part of the service. Every thought should focus toward the cross and the blood of Jesus. However, everyone does not fully understand the cross to reap the benefits from it. How Jesus knew no sin and stood in the gap for a sinful universe and still interceding and standing in the gap for the world not giving up on what He is, and that is Hope, because who better knows a man than God.
Some congregants even some leaders thinks the sacraments are for people who have no sin or have not committed any sin/wrong doing before the sacraments. Moreover, if the Lord 's Supper is for perfect people who do no wrong, then none of the congregants and leaders would partake of the sacraments. The way to Jesus never…

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