Questions On Teaching Reading Approach Essay

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1. How did you select this research study to analyze? What search terms did you use? What database did you use? What was your rationale for selecting this particular study to analyze over the others in the search results? What is the full reference for the study in APA format?
In search for this article I used the UNF library data base. The terms used were “deaf readers and struggles”. An article titled “Guided Reading Approach Teaching Reading to Students Who Are Deaf and Others Who Struggle” appeared in the search. I selected this article due to the title. It fit with my curiosity and I was eager to read what the researcher had concluded. The reference to this article is:
Schirmer, B. R, & Schaffer, L. (2010) Guided Reading Approach: Teaching Reading to Students Who Are Deaf and Others Who Struggle. Teaching Exceptional Children 42(5), 52-58 2. What was the background for the study?
There are many instruction based strategies for teaching reading to students. However, most of these strategies are aimed for students who do not have a disability. The guided reading approach is recommended by the Laurent Clerc National Education Center from Gallaudet University (Schirmer & Schaffer, 2010). According to the Clerc Center there are three parts to the guided reading approach; (1) before reading which includes elicit prior knowledge,, build background knowledge, and introducing the book; (2) during reading includes a…

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