Questions On Philosophy And Philosophy Essay

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Krauss and hawkings said these things in books they wrote that are essentially philosophy. Neither of the books the tey were commenting on proved any scientific conclusion, the basically took a model for the way things could work based on the limited scientific knowlwge we have and speculated on a theory that could explain more things that was not scientifically proved , but something they were putting forward for a possible explanation for the unexlaoned. That is called philosophy, particuarlly its metaphysics .
“Expect for a patina of twenty- first century modernity, in the form of logic and language, philosophy is exactly the same now as it ever was; it has made no progress whatsoever. We philosophers wrestle with the exact same problems the Pre- Socratics wrestled with... (so we must concede) philosophy’s inability to solve any philosophical problem, ever’ – Eric Dietrich
Philosophy has and is described as ‘useless’, ‘divorced from reality, ‘to esoteric and obscure’, ‘nitpicing over trivial minutiae’, gets nowhere, teaches and discovers nothing’ and just opinion masquerading as knowlege’.
To give credence to these –and many other statements meant to be derogatory toward philosophy- we must first of all try and work out what it really in. What is philosophy?
We can see philosophy giving different disa[lins, firstly, the academic philosophy, a subject and a catergory of knowledge. This compared to what philosophy was invented to be, or what it should and could be. How…

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