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SOCU2253/SOCU2254 End-semester exam

Student name: Sumeyya Ilanbey

Student number: s338582

Course code:SOCU2253

Total word count (excluding reference list): 1610

SOCU2253/2254 End-semester Exam Instructions

This exam has been designed to assess your knowledge of the entire course. It includes twelve short answer questions from which you must answer eight questions.
Each question has a 200-word limit.
Please type your answer into the space provided below the question. When you have completed the exam, you can submit it via the TurnItIn tab under the Assessment folder.

The exam due date is 5:30pm, Friday 7 November.

Please submit the exam on time, as the following penalties for late submission will apply:

1. Exams submitted after the due date of submission (5:30pm, Friday 7 November) will receive a penalty of five per cent (5%) of the grade available for the exam per day for each day the exam is late.
2. No exams will be accepted more than three weeks after the due date.

The end-semester exam is worth 40 marks (40%) for SOCU2253 and SOCU2254.

Q2. Offender profiling is more art than science. Critically discuss this statement with reference to FBI-style offender profiling.


Offender profiling is more art than science because profilers are merely collecting data and analysing crime scene information to paint a picture of the characteristics of the offender or offenders. A fingerprint is science, but using that fingerprint/DNA…

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