Questions on Employee Theft Essay

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In today's society with the slack in rules and non aggressive management it is very easy for a company to produce an environment where theft seems acceptable. Employees steal and find that there aren't any repercussions for their crime so they continue the behavior. It's all positive for them because they get something out of it and there is no punishment. It was reported by the security Group of Cahner's Business that, if they saw others getting away with theft, 66% of employees would steal. This is not including the 13% who already steal or would steal anyway (Guerin 2004). I believe that employee theft is stealing or misusing a company's assets without their prior permission. It is not just stealing money, inventory, or office …show more content…
False disbursements are when an employee tricks the company into paying them more money than they deserve. This can be done by filling out fake invoices or requests for funds. Generally based in nonexistent companies, the employees reroute the money to their own accounts. Conflicts of interest are when an employee takes advantage of his or her position in the company to reap the benefits. The employee creates situations for making extra money that he can't legally create. An example is if an employee makes a deal with a provider of goods for the company that he/she works for and gets a kickback from the provider for getting them the business. (Guerin 2004).
Employees have many reasons for stealing from a company, but most of the time it is just that the opportunity came up. Some of the employees believe that other employees and/or their management are stealing, so they think it's okay if they do it too. Employees have many other reasons for theft as well, some including: anger towards the company, believing they are underpaid or that the company makes huge profits and they think they deserve some too (Case 2000). The rate of theft in a company is dependent on the company's attitude towards it. Most employees won't steal if they know they will be punished, and probably fired, for it.
Employee theft affects all kinds of companies, large, small, grocery stores, corporate

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