Questions On A Type Of Design Essay

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Chapter11: Nonexperimental Designs
Activity 1
1. Survey is a type of design is known more for the breadth of data collected than for the depth of its data.
2. Longitudinal is a major disadvantage of this design is the length of time needed for data collection.
3. Correlational is the main question is whether or not variables co-vary.
4. Ex- post facto words mean “after the fact”.
5. Cross -sectional eliminates the confounding variable of maturation.
6. Correlational quantifies the magnitude and direction of a relationship.
7. Longitudinal collects data from the same group at several points in time.
8. Survey can be surprisingly accurate if the sample is representative.
9. Cross sectional uses data from one point in time
10. Cross -sectional based on two or more naturally groups with different conditions of the presumed independent variable.

Activity 2
Explores the relationship between variables that are inherently not manipulate is an advantage of correlations.
The disadvantages of correlation that it does not allow one to draw a causal linkage between two variable. And the researcher is unable to manipulate the variables of interest. The researcher also unable to determine a causal relationship between variables owning the lack of manipulation, control and randomization. Another disadvantage is that there is no randomization is sampling because the study involves only pre-existing groups.
Cross- Sectional
A great deal of information can be obtained…

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