Queen Elizabeth's Legacy

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She lost her mother when she was only a child, she was never supposed to be queen, she ruled without a king, she was loved by her subjects, she is Queen Elizabeth I. Elizabeth’s legacy still lives on because of the barriers she broke and the love of her subjects. Queen Elizabeth’s birth, childhood, and reign were full of difficult experiences, but despite these hardships, her legacy still lives on.
From her birth Elizabeth’s life was dysfunctional. Elizabeth was born 7 September 1533 at Greenwich Palace (Jokinen). Her mother was Anne Boleyn and her father was King Henry VII (“Elizabeth I” 1). Her parents were married in January of the same year Elizabeth was born (Sharnette). Elizabeth's father was hoping that Elizabeth was a boy. He wanted a male heir to take over the throne when he could no longer rule.
Since Anne Boleyn did not give Henry the son he desired, she was punished. "She was accused (probably falsely) of witchcraft, adultery, and incest, and was arrested and taken to the Tower of London. She was put on trial and found guilty on all accounts, and condemned to death” (Sharnette). She was beheaded in May of 1536 (“Elizabeth I” 1). Elizabeth was only 2 years old at the time (“Queen
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She became sick in February of 1603 and suffered from frailty and insomnia (“Elizabeth I of England”). Elizabeth reigned for forty-four years before her death at Richmond Palace in Surrey on March 24, 1603 (“Queen Elizabeth I Biography”). She died at the age of 69 (“Elizabeth I of England”). Elizabeth reigned from the time of her sister, Mary’s death in 1558 until her own death in 1603 (“Elizabeth I” 1). Elizabeth was buried in Westminster Abbey next to her sister Mary I. There is Latin writing on their tomb which translates to “Partners both in Throne and grave, here rest we two sisters, Elizabeth and Mary” (“Elizabeth I of England”). Queen Elizabeth I will always be remembered as one of the best most beloved queens of

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