Quantitative And Qualitative Research Study Methods Essay

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Quantitative and qualitative studies are two of the most wildly used research methods. For the purposes of this study, it is important to understand the differences of these two methods. A quantitative method is a process of inquiry that uses variables, measurements, and statistical examinations to test a theory. A qualitative method does not rely on proving theories, understanding variables, or conducting experiments. Rather, qualitative methods allow a theory or explanation to develop through, interviews, artifacts, and/or observations. (Neuman, 2002 & Creswell, 2013) Unlike qualitative methods, quantitative methods aim test a theory. According to Martin Marshall, qualitative research studies aims to provide illumination and understanding of complex psychosocial issues. Additionally, Marshall state that qualitative studies are most useful for answering humanistic ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ questions. (Marshall, 1996) The central question in the study is how does a user’s cognitive behavior, as shaped by experience, impact adoption and implementation of ET? The key component of this central question is, “how”. The term “how” expresses the desire to understand. Therefore, a qualitative research method is the most appropriate method for to conduct this this study.
This qualitative study will focus on psychosocial aspects of teachers and ET systems implementation to uncover important themes, trends, and characteristics related to teachers’ use and adoption…

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