Quality of Care and Aging in America Essay example

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Organizational Responsibility and Current Health Care Issues
February 20, 2012

This paper will analyzes and describes how quality of care is affected by organizational culture, structure, governance and social responsibility. It will describe how the evaluation of the organizational structure affected decisions, what resources should be allocated to prevent ethical issues and what strategies are in place to prevent these issues.
There are many negative issues facing the health care organizations and it has deeply affected the country. The prime examples of these issues include the aging in America and the quality of care. The dying patients do not get the quality of care when they are seeking medical attention and this has
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The organization has to identify the organizational culture and change the social responsibility so that the employees are able to choose what culture they want. As stated by Morrison (2010), health care organization should encourage diversity training to help eliminate conflicts and poor communication in the organization
As mentioned by health care reform to have impact on ethics (2010), the health care organizations should change their leadership style and organizational governance. They should embrace transformational leadership, but not transactional leadership. Transformational leadership allows managers and workers in the organization to work together to achieve the goals set. This will in turn improve quality of care. Transactional leadership often times do not encourage managers and employees work towards achieving the goals.The health care organizations should change the organizational structure to study the objectives, mission and vision of the organization. The organizational chart can have many top positions and not enough workers so it should be studied to see if it is bad or good. After analyzing the chart, the health care managers should develop the chart and restructure the functions and implement the changes (Health care reform to have impact on ethics, 2010).
Recommendations to improve quality of care
By understanding how to integrate and

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