Qualities Of A School Leader

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What makes a leader? Webster defines a leader as “the person who commands a group, organization or country.” Having the ability to generate a great idea then assemble a team to bring that idea to life is the first step in being a great leader. Leaders within a school system establish strong relationships with their peers and employees. It’s fundamental that leaders have strong values and beliefs, while being open to others ideas. A good leader has the innate ability to use their experiences, education and morals to make firm decisions in life. Often times we can confuse the role of a leader with the role of a manager. A manager is the person who is in charge of a group of people or company. It is their task to direct a group of employees who …show more content…
To be an effective administrator it is essential to gather data that can be a tool in professional development to improve student achievement scores. This type of data collected should come from multiple sources. We must first look to teachers, as they are the foundation to collecting good data. Teachers will be imperative in pinpointing what skills they need to be able to address their students learning needs. As a school leader it is important to make opportunities for teachers to reflect on their teaching practices in order to improve upon them. It is our responsibility as a school leader to take professional development seriously and act as a role model for change. Once data is collected we must begin to ask essential questions. What are we currently doing to ensure student success? How do we provide teachers with information about their teaching practices? How can we determine the needs and wants of our student learners? What changes can we make to professional development that will increase our student success? During my first years as a new assistant principal and finally as a principal I would create a new professional development

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