Wealth And Stability In The Great Gatsby

Wealth, stability, and success. These three words best described the United States during the Roaring ‘20’s. To have those three things was every American’s goal, and it was what attracted foreigners to America. Wealth, stability, and success are also the major components of what is known as the “American Dream”. Throughout the novel, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the American Dream is a major theme. The belief surrounding the American Dream is that, with lots of hard work, wealth, success, and stability are all achievable.
To achieve the American Dream, however, sacrifices must be made – whether it is morals, values, or even family. The willingness to sacrifice such things can often lead to corruption. The character that best
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While at Camp Taylor, an army camp based in Louisville, Gatsby met Daisy, a woman from a very wealthy family, and fell in love with her. When Gatsby left for the war, however, he lost Daisy to Tom Buchanan, a very rich man. Daisy wanted stability, and chose Tom instead of waiting for Gatsby to return from the war.
After Gatsby returns from the war, he is penny-less and discovers that he lost Daisy. He also discovers that working hard may not be all it takes to achieve the American Dream as quickly as he wanted. Despite the fact that she is a married woman, Gatsby sets out to win Daisy back, and he believes he can do so by becoming rich. The pursuit of wealth eventually fully corrupts Gatsby, as he sacrifices his morals more and more in his attempt to achieve his goal.
Gatsby meets Meyer Wolfsheim, a shady businessman, who takes him in, believing he could be helpful: “I saw right away he was a fine-appearing young man, and when he told me he was an Oggsford I knew I could use him good.” (171). Wolfsheim offers Gatsby a job doing illegal work as a bootlegger under him, which Gatsby accepts, sacrificing his morals for wealth. Gatsby believed that Daisy married Tom for his money, and if he were to become rich working with Wolfsheim, Daisy would leave Tom and go return to
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Daisy comes from a wealthy family to begin with, but then meets Tom Buchanan, who came from one of America’s richest families, eventually marrying him for his wealth. Marrying Tom allowed Daisy to become even richer and more stable, further achieving the American Dream. With her pursuit of the American Dream accomplished, Daisy becomes corrupted and more materialistic, only knowing wealth and that it gives her power. A quote that best exemplifies how the American Dream has corrupted Daisy is when Gatsby and Nick are talking and Nick mentions Daisy’s voice being filled with something, to which Gatsby replies: “Her voice is full of money.” (120). Nick also refers to her as “the golden girl.” (120). These quotes symbolise Daisy’s materialism, as she only understands getting whatever she wants because of her vast wealth, showing the reader how her pursuit of the American Dream has corrupted her. Throughout The Great Gatsby, it is clear that the pursuit of the American Dream can corrupt those who succeed in achieving it. The American Dream first begins to corrupt Gatsby when he runs away from home to chase wealth and meets Dan Cody. He then becomes completely corrupted when he tries to become rich to win over Daisy, who he had already lost. Finally, Daisy is corrupted by her pursuit of the American Dream, when she marries Tom to become even richer then she previously was. The only question left unanswered

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