Essay Punishment Versus Rehabilitation

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Punishment versus Rehabilitation Tastieee
January 27, 2014

Punishment versus Rehabilitation
The United States Judicial System has several forms of punishment. The punishments consist of deterrence, societal protection, rehabilitation, and retribution. The criminal justice system within the United States believes punishments to be favorably perceived as retribution practices. The criminal justice system in today’s society uses four forms of punishment so that it will deter criminal activity. Some people within society would say these types of punishments are cruel; however, each punishment has its own uniqueness.
The effectiveness of Punishment and Rehabilitation
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The various types of rehabilitation will deal with the injuries and addictions of prisoners or inmates. The rehabilitation process is a hand on process when it comes to criminals. Some people would call this a punishment instead of positive reinforcement. Rehabilitation is supposed to be a preventive measure, for criminals to prevent his or her criminal way; however, not each prisoner will have this ability and he or she will need to receive punishment for the crimes he or she commits (Valkova, 1997).
The word deterrence has the clear definition as the attempt to dis-encourage crime by the use of punishment. This particular practice has been around for decades about how the courts will treat a criminal to prevent him or her from committing more crimes. Some people would say a prison sentence is the best example of deterrence; people will believe that a person who commits a criminal act will have to spend time in prison. Some people believe he or she can beat the rap if he or she goes without getting caught. Even though he or she is aware of the consequences he or she will still commit the crime. Deterrence can lead to a domino effect, an example is getting pulled over for a broken taillight on the way to work, this will result in going late to work, and throwing everything off task.
Effect of Crime on Victims and Families
A victim of a crime can see hardship after a crime has taken

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