Essay about Pulling Out And Looking Through An Art History Book

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FINAL PROJECT Pulling out and looking through an Art History book can be overwhelming. The amount of content between the two covers is beyond understanding and each page depicts a different piece of art from generations of ancient history. In the past, before textbooks recorded the existence of these masterpieces, many people never fully knew about any of these great works. A complete mystery to the masses, but today, the power to obtain anything we want to find about almost any piece of art is available at our fingertips. Looking broadly at the entire book and choosing the most important and influential piece can be a bit of a challenge. Based on my knowledge and experience I have gained and gathered this semester I would make the claim that the Rosetta Stone is possibly the most important piece of art that can be found in the book. The Rosetta Stone laid the framework for many historical findings and gave us a clearer image to a culture we did not yet know much about. The Egyptian culture was a notable power from roughly 3000 B.C.E to 332 B.C.E and left behind many ancient artifact, artworks, structures, and so much more. Inscribed on almost every piece was a form of Egyptian writing the world had lost the understanding for. The key to unlocking it all was now there for the taking of whoever could take the time to decipher the code the rock behold. The stone itself does not have an accredited creator but it can be estimated that the stone was carved in 196 B.C.E. and…

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