Similarities Between Egypt And The Rosetta Stone

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1) Napoleon had strong significance in Egypt and the Rosetta Stone. Not only did he conquer Egypt, he also retrieved “the lost civilization”. This lead to the discovery of the Rosetta Stone in Rosetta, Egypt. Furthermore, Napoleon had individuals such as linguists, artists and so forth to reveal the stone’s “Egyptian culture”.
2) The Rosetta Stone is constructed of three languages starting from the top, middle, and bottom. The top of the stone contained ancient hieroglyphics, the middle encompassing unknown text, and the bottom being ancient Greek.
3) Champollion was raised in France at the province. He knew six different languages due to his brother and did not have a privileged education when he was younger. In addition, he had a fond
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This gave an advantage to comprehend the language more appropriately by not encountering alternate versions that deletes the real hieroglyphic meaning. Furthermore, this gave Champollion clues to bring Egypt back to life. Lastly, the temple was owned by a pharaoh named Ramesses, known as the son of the sun god.
7) The main reason for the threatening of the church is the theory of Noah’s flood. If the Egyptian civilization is proven to be created and undamaged before Noah’s flood, then the church will encounter a dilemma. Therefore, the historically accurate bible will be proven wrong and the theory of Egyptian civilization will challenge the Catholic Church.
8) The French characters that utilize a British accent in the video must be how they learned English throughout their lives. Most Europeans that try to understand and speak English use a British accent since this is all focused in Europe. In most cases, this shows some French individuals that study English, are accustomed to bringing out a British accent mostly because that may be the way they were taught in the older

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